Bud Buddy Review

Bud Buddy Review

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Bud Buddy Review 

We are going to give you an honest Bud Buddy Review and Bud Mail Review. If you are reading this you are more then likely looking into buying weed online and finding a reliable mail order marijuana service. We are here to give you some facts with our bud buddy review and It is time to separate the best companies here TODAY! Not 10 years ago! Times have changed and you no longer have 2 options to buy weed online. There truly are MUCH better places to get mail order marijuana that also provide substantially better quality weed, faster deliveries, better customer service, greater selection, and even more reliable then old Bud buddy and Bud mail,  and you will be happy to read this bud buddy review. Iam tired of people giving business to unethical companies giving you low end pot, just because they are easy to find. If you are seriously considering finally making the wise choice to start purchasing your weed online from a reliable source, I suggest you to continue to read this article.

Bud Buddy, Bud Mail, or Weeddealer.ca?

Bud Buddy is widely popular in Canada, as is Bud Mail. This is mainly and almost solely due to the fact that they were 2 of the first companies to jump on the scene years ago and have benefited by doing so. Just because they were the first to do it, doesn’t mean that they are the best… You know Motorola was the first company to make mobile phones, went well for a little while, but you see your friends or anyone else for that matter using motorola cell phones phones? Lol No! This is because other companies watched how they operate their business, figured out what they could do better, and started to take over market share by doing just that. This is now happening in the mail order marijuana industry. Bud Buddy and Budmail give you 3 options for your pot. You can buy Low grade pot, Medium grade pot, and High grade pot… This is to me is silly for a number of reasons, but mainly for how vague Bud Buddy is when offering a product that can be so different. As a consumer in todays day and age, I would NEVER buy something that can be so contrasting in many ways without being able to see the product! You really should not have to put up with those standards when purchasing your mail order marijuana, and you don’t have too. Another HUGE problem with Bud Buddy and Bud Mail is they have NO screening process for there customers. FACT, they sell weed too little kids, and that too us is considered an unethical business. Only worried about selling as much of there low – average grade marijuana Canada has to offer.

Decision: WeedDealer.ca

At weeddealer.ca we try and give you the most in depth, detailed description of each product we carry. We use multiple REAL HD Photos of your actual product that will be shipped too you ourselves. Secondly we give you ONLY premium high grade marijuana, and that doesn’t mean just heavy super strong cannabis. We mean cleanly grown, pure, properly trimmed, dried, beautiful, FULLY developed marijuana. We also give greater selection of cannabis hands down, only the best in Canada too boot. There will always be cheaper servcies, but you are paying for assurance and trust in your product, and were told the difference is worth every penny. Everybody likes consistency, like your favourite sandwich shop, or restaurant, we go there because we trust that you will be satisfied. At Weeddealer.ca we send you premium grade marijuana products ONLY, and we stand by that for every order.

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