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Buy Reliable weed online from  one of the leaders in mail order marijuana. This site was founded by the industry leader Mchronalds, buy reliable weed online from or risk not receiving what you pay for.  This industry still has some sh1t heads in it so only trust the McChronald’s network for guaranteed service and delivery, the happy customers speak for them selves.

Effective Marijuana Control

Marijuana has a lot of medicinal properties, but it is banned in several countries. That is due to the fact that it can slow down the growth of the brains. In Canada, it is legal, and can be sold to people. But, care should be taken that the drug is sold only to adults, and not to kids and children. The problem is that there are various mail order companies, which are selling off Marijuana to just about anybody, without doing any kind of verification.

Some of the popular Marijuana sellers include BudBuddy, BudMail, MomCanada, and . They lead this Marijuana market in Canada, but the question is whether they follow all the basic principles. Do these sites verify the ages of the purchaser? Well, except for and, all the others sell Marijuana to the Canadians, without doing any kind of verifications, regarding the age of the buyer. This means that they do not try anything to keep it away from the hands of the children. Next question is if they have any up-to-date pictures? Well, when you check out the sites, you will find some old pictures, which do not conform to the current market trends. What about reviews and comments on the sites? Well, when you go through their site, you will find theft reviews, and no comments, and the list goes on. In fact, is the only provider, who conforms to standards and rules.

Why Should Marijuana Be Sold to Adults Only?

As per Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the leading American neuro-surgeon, the growth of the brain of a young adult gets impacted, by taking Marijuana. So, the sale of Marijuana should be controlled and restricted to only the adults, who can take care of themselves.

At Mail Order system, they do complete verification and checking, and they do not sell Marijuana to anybody, who is less than 21 years of age. Even though, the legal age is 19 years in Canada, they have maintained the age of 21 for doing the weed sales. In fact, they telephone every person, and talk to them, before initiating the sale. It means that they try to take all the measures to ensure that the products do not reach the kids. You can check out their products, and purchase them online at

If you wish to know how BudMail, BudBuddy and MomCanada compare with, then here is the explanation:

Marijuana is purchased online through mail order on a daily basis. But, it becomes difficult to find out which ones are legitimate, and which ones are scams. BudMail, BudBuddy, MomCanada, and are the top growing mail order weed suppliers. BudMail and are the mail order companies, who send out weeds through Canada Post. And, out of the two, provides ethical services, and try to ensure that only the legitimate users have access to the weeds.

BudMail provides a lot of ease and convenience to all the buyers, who will only need a computer to make the purchases. Irrespective of whatever age they are, they can make the purchase. And, this can lead to various problems, with even the younger people having access to Marijuana.

Another thing to realize is that vendors like BudMail, BudBuddy and MomCanada provide low to medium grade buds at best, which can be highly satisfying for younger people or rookie marijuana users. The other problem is that they don’t pay much attention to the rules, restrictions and regulations. Their so called top grade buds are hit and miss and you never can rely on quality product regardless of what they say. They do not check out the age of the buyers, and almost everybody, who is making a purchase, is given the buds unless you are one of the unlucky people they decide to forget about forever. And, this is where wins hands down, as they make sure that only the people, who are allowed to use the weed, get access to it. Also, their selection and quality of buds is supreme and excellent, and they combine it with fantastic professional service.

For every Marijuana vendor, it is a necessity that the welfare of the kids should be considered. They should sell it to only those people, who are sane, and can afford them. Also, these people should not get affected by the weeds, in any way. If the weed provider takes all these into consideration, they would be able to do a service to the society. Only being in the business for profit is not a good enough reason. The weed providers should also be socially responsible.

So, even though, the service providers like BudMail, BudBuddy and MomCanada provide low to medium grade weed and hash, their social responsibility is a question mark. In fact, and are the only bud-by-mail providers, who strictly adhere to the policy of not selling to the minors. And, this is how they ensure that the Marijuana business is done greygally, and they make sure that the business remains legal for a longer time. A lot of businesses close down because they get caught for selling the weeds to minors. To remain in the business, one should try to follow only the ethical methods.

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