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Weed Dealer Inc is your #1 source for mail order high grade marijuana grown by some of BC’s finest PRO growers with over 50 years experience with indoor High Grade grow ops.

Mail Order Marijuana

Please make sure to use your correct telephone number since I talk to EVERY person before sending them bud.  I do not work with kids, immature young adults, or anyone outside of Canada.  If you want to buy weed online you must use your correct details.

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If you use cannabis recreationally this is your one stop shop for all your THC and CBD products. From the highest grade strains of weed to the highest concentrate of THC available, Weed Dealer has the adult Canadian covered.

We Only Serve High Grade Marijuana Products

We do not deal with low or medium grade products.  If you are looking for a cheaper or more cost efficient strain of cannabis please email me and ask for a special order.  You will need to buy a minimum amount if you want cheap weed.

Online Weed Dealer21+ Canadian’s Only

Weed Dealer only serves the Canadian public can buy weed online legitimately and not get ripped off.  We will only work with adults over the age of 21 as long as you do not live with your parents.   So if you are 22 and have a house with 2 vehicles that are clearly visible on Google earth, you wont be accepted to buy weed online unless you.  I’m very diligent on making sure I’m not working with children or even young teens and young adults that are not mature enough to have made the correct decisions to ensure they don’t have to live with their parents.  I’m not hating on those of you who live with Mom and Dad to help pay to finish their Masters Degree.  But if you are doing that, it will show in your conversation because I will test you.

Order weed from your laptopStrains To Order

We have the highest grade strains of weed you can get both Indica and Sativa.  Not only on the internet, but anywhere.  Some of the cannabis strains we get are not for beginners so if you are a beginner please make sure to mention that in the notes field when you register.  We specialize in Indica but also have Sativa strains from time to time for the cannabis connoisseur.  We also provide the highest quality bubble hash and THC Extracts made from the same high grade marijuana you can purchase here at

Order Indica Now

Weed Dealer specializes in the highest grade Indica strains available such as Kush, Haze, Skunk, and Blueberry.  We have found these to be the best base strains to get a neurological high that literally puts you in-da-couch “Indica”.  For a long time cannabis user, they will usually find that Indica’s are better.  A seasoned pot user will have a tolerance to the CBD and wont want to fall a sleep or get munchies as easy .

Buy Kush Online

We have the best Kush in the Canadian Marijuana Industry.  Our specialty is Master Kush, OG Kush, King Kush, Pink Kush, and Black Tuna Kush.  Weed Dealer has had many other absolutely outstanding strains of Kush, but these are the four strains we have over and over again simply because of the popularity in its ultra heavy duty stone and copious amounts of essential oils.  Kush is the best type of marijuana to make Rick Simpson Oil.  Rick Simpson Oil has cured cancer, so if this type of thing interest you I would suggest investigating curing cancer with cannabis oil.

Order Sativa Now

The artist, musician, life lover, and marijuana connoisseur is the most popular user of Sativa.  Strains like Pineapple Express, White Widow, and Cotton Candy are some of the most popular Weed Dealer carries.  We do not always have them all in stock, but we will always have a fantastic Sativa strain available to you.  Please check out the in stock page after registering to get access to the Sativa strains in stock now.

Buy Weed Online

Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

This mail order marijuana service is 100% Canadian and can be used by Canadians only.  Weed Dealer DOES NOT ship cannabis out side of the country.  We only ship weed inside Canada to responsible adults to if are one of those people that are going to email me and ask anyway; please don’t.  It take me way too much time to reply to you all and say no.  Please just find someone in your own country.  I’m taking care of Canadians only and have no interest in Foreign Governments complaining about me to mine.


Order Weed OnlineCan you actually buy weed online? YES!!!

The best part about being able to buy weed online is the fact that you have the power of online reviews, and if you are doing something wrong, anyone can go online and tell everyone about it without having the chance of physical or verbal retaliation.  In fact its the complete opposite.  With the ability to do so, you have the most honest and reliable weed dealers in the country taking care of you, and they all work here at

Never again do you need to wait for over an hour when they said 10 minutes, and finally they show up with some crap bud that barely gets you the buzz you were expecting for your $10 plus.  That kind of disappointment is a thing of the past, and I mean that.  Buy weed online and  I promise you the highest quality marijuana you will have ever smoked.  I can personally guarantee that I only smoke the best of the best.  And I’m not one of those people that get the best for me, and the cheap crap for every one else.  No, I get the best of the best of me and my clients.  No matter what, I will always provide you with the highest quality weed you have ever had.

Purchasing Weed On the Computer


Our Top 3 Core Values

Their are three things im super serious about:

  1. Not working with minors or immature young adults.
  2. Getting the highest quality buds available for consumption.
  3. Shipping to customers every day of the week.

Weed Dealer is serious about other stuff too, but I won’t get into too much till we chat and see if you are someone who could benefit from our service.  We are not here to hurt people, or take anyone’s last few bucks.  Having said that, their are just some situations where we will refuse to work with you for what ever reason.  We will not discuss what will get you blacklisted, but I can say those of you who know you would be accepted know how you are.  I’m sure if you got this far reading you are serious about getting access to the highest quality marijuana in the country.  Please subscribe below with your correct information if you want a telephone consultation.

Order Weed Online

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Canadian’s Can Buy Marijuana Online

If you are one of those lucky Canadian’s seeing this for the first time you are probably scratching your head and asking you spouse to come take a look at this.  Your next action will probably be to call your best buddy or girlfriend and ask them what their opinion is.  If they say cool, you will probably go for it right away, and if they sketch you out, you will probably still subscribe but use incorrect contact information.  If you don’t use your correct details, how the heck am I supposed to get a hold of you? Get weed in your mailboxThe fact is, this is 100% real and you will now have the #1 Weed Dealer Online.  You now have the ability to order BC’s finest high grade marijuana and have it delivered directly to your door till Canada Post makes you go get your mail.  LIKE WTF is that all about ah?  Regardless, how nice is it that you can now see your buds and choose what you want, and get what you pay for and way more with better weed then you probably have ever had?  This is the NWA for marijuana.  Its no longer that taboo loco weed that makes you crazy, NO.  We have all found out that its actually Alcohol and Tobacco that has been negatively affecting humanity.


How To Buy Weed Online

In order to get the best weed online you need to join the Weed Dealer marijuana club.  When you sign up for the best weed online you get a free Weed Dealer mini pack with your first to buy marijuana online

I Love My Country More Now Then Ever

Im very happy that the best country in the world is finally loosening its grip on marijuana and tightening its grip on alcohol and tobacco.  By promoting the safe use of marijuana we are setting our local business up for success and separating the “Drug Dealers” from weed dealers.  Weed dealers are usually pot heads that started selling weed to pay for their own smoke.  Now, if you are a good business person, you can grow that little hustle into a very profitable business.

Stop Bad Alcoholic Behavior

Go into any nightclub on any busy night and count the amount of fights, gropings, and overall bad behavior from many, especially the younger crowd.  Now take the same group of people and put them in a weed bar where everyone is smoking weed, vapeing, and doing dabs.  Their wont be any troubles, no cops, no one starting fights, no horny young guys sticking their hands up woman skirts, none of that behavior will happen.  And if someone does, everyone will shun the person and they will likely leave on their own embarrassment. If it was alcohol, anger, aggression, and problems start.  Not with pot, and Canadians know better.

Our Government Is Doing A Much Better Job

Mail Order Weed

I want to personally thank the RCMP and the Canadian Government for being more lineament on those of us who are passionate about the marijuana industry but may not be 100% in the same league as Tweed, or the other favorite Canadian Public Marijuana Companies.

For the general Canadian public, you do not have to be scared to buy a small amount of pot for your personal use.  Now, if you live somewhere where you know Police are actively looking for pot, don’t put it in their face or they will slap you on the fingers.  And it will sting for a minute.  Just be smart, don’t smoke pot in your public parks where children play.   Be a responsible adult and you won’t have any problems unless you are already on Police radar or on Probation or Parole or something like that where you have conditions against it.

Is Buying Weed Online The Solution?

Order weed from your phone

Being able to buy weed online is a perfect solution for the majority of mature adult pot smokers.  Its just easier, think about it.  You go onto your iPhone, iPad, phone, computer, whatever; then you just click, click, pay.  Whamo, in 2 minutes you have just placed your order for the best weed online and will have it delivered to your door by Canada Post in 2 – 3  business days depending on where you live. Now, if you live in Northern Canada, different pricing and shipping applies so subscribe now and get registered to buy the best weed you have ever had.

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