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How to tell Between Good and Bad Weed

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How to tell between Good and Bad Weed

How to tell between Good and Bad Weed and what kind of risks are involved when making your decision. As long as you follow my advice below you will be informed enough to never be a victim of smoking harmful weed.

Quality over Quantity with Marijuana 


Growing up in British Columbia I have had the luxury of trying many different types of marijuana, mainly great quality considering BC bud is famous all around the world.  That being said, as any avid pot smoker knows, it is possible to be disappointed with your weed… Whether its a premature bud, or a batch that went bad,  a lot of different kinds of weed makes its way onto the street in a city near you. This is because ALL WEED EVER GROWN GOOD OR BAD  gets trimmed and dried for personal use or resale and put into the public! And it all gets smoked! Don’t forget that A lot of money goes into growing and harvesting the beautiful marijuana plant. If it turns out not so beautiful… Well, expenses must still be paid and it will all still get sold and smoked regardless of what happened during the process! There are many things that can go wrong during the stages of growing and you don’t wanna be on the other end of that joint if you you think your bud may have some of the things I mention in this article. Here I will explain to you:

  • Different Grades of Marijuana on the Market
  • How to avoid buying Bad Weed
  • Health concerns when smoking Bad Weed
  • Why it is important  to buy from a Trusted Source
  • And what too look for in Good/Great Bud

Beautiful BC Bud Online


Great AAA+ Weed - Black Diamond
Great AAA+ Weed – Black Diamond

It was not too long ago before I founded www.weeddealer.ca (your online source for the  premium BC Bud available to Canadian public only) that most of us were at the mercy of our local weed dealers. We had limited options before, but times are changing and your finally starting too get the variety of cannabis available too you as you do in your selection of produce! Everyone loves to buy Great weed, who wouldn’t? Knowing that someone has taken the time to take care of that bud the proper way, the best way, until the very end, is a great feeling. These types of weed are too be considered as AAA+. Great quality weed always has a distinct aroma. It could be sweet, tangy, piney (kushy smell), exotic, fruity, just to name a few. This is because you should not be able to smell the plant, and leaves of the mairjuana. What should stick out is the smell of the actual buds! The lower grade stuff usually smells similar, you can smell a plant, leafy scent too it. The same thing applies to the taste. That being said another distinct way to see the quality of your bud is how it burns. Check the ash on the bud, a lot of cheaper weed is not flushed properly, and will burn blackish. The whiter the ash the cleaner the bud, this is what you want. Another great way to tell is the haircut (trim job). Although this is quite obvious too everyone too see if it is trimmed well or not, it actually tells a lot about the weed and growers themselves. If it is average weed will more then likely be trimmed quickly and not accurately, but if you are growing great, beautiful, BC bud you are going to take your time in each step of the process, and what your left with is quality weed from top, too bottom. You know you’ve come to a good source for marijuana, when the stock is filled with this stuff… www.weeddealer.ca (cough.cough) Although usually a little more expensive then that medium grade stuff, you will visually be able to see the difference, taste the difference, and feel the difference! People also do appreciate the good/regular quality bud since it is cost effective, and plenty available. These types of weed can be found on websites such as BudBuddy, MOM Canada, BudMail, and MaryJaneMail. But as you will find out, don’t become fooled with these cheaper prices, everything has a cost..



photo of molded weed
Molded Weed – Harder to spot then you think

At the end of the day, this is something your putting into your body. You should not cheap out on something like this, especially with the potential risks with those savings. When growing in soil, bugs are a common pest to marijuana gardens. Nobody likes bugs in things that your putting into your body! Mold can be more annoying then bugs, and can be contagious between plants in the same room, and even the same house! Molds are fungi, and some species of mold can produce highly toxic chemicals. Even if you remove all the mold that you can see, the chemicals they produce could be spread throughout the Cannabis. There’s no practical way to identify whether the particular mold growing on your Cannabis is toxic or not, but burning and inhaling the smoke of potentially toxic mold isn’t worth the risk. The only thing you should do is throw the Cannabis away! Probably the primary acute danger with smoking cannabis that has molded is allergic reaction. Many molds produce chemicals and contain cells that can cause severe allergic reactions. The second danger is that a toxin produced by the mold would have a lingering damaging effect that would not be immediately identifiable. Your health is worth more than it would cost to buy more. Another danger is cheap weed is one of the worst types of pests for cannabis growers, Spider Mites. They actually have earned the nickname “the borg” because of their ability to seemingly come back from the dead and take over an entire grow room and infect the whole crop. The bugs themselves generally harmful, but salvaging the bud to smoke from that grow, doesn’t sound too appetizing! All this being said please understand that all weed is not the same in the sense of impacts on your body. Be very careful when buying your weed, and be picky! The effects of your decision could last a longtime if not done wisely.


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