Buy Shatter Online – Grapefruit

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Buy Shatter Online – Grapefruit

You can now buy shatter online now from Also called dabs, or weed wax, this extract is extremely popular and could easily be the best you have ever tried. Grapefruit Shatter or Weed wax is made from Grapefruit Sativa which is both delicious and strong as far as Sativa effects are concerned – lots of brain power, enthusiasm and physical get up and go energy. Now up the ante through BHO extraction and you have a very powerful shatter worthy of your top draw.

Type:  Sativa Shatter
Strength: 10/10
High: Strong Sativa brain buzz
Taste:  Sweet, Fruity, Potent
Amount Per Package: 1 Gram


Buy Shatter Online from Canada’s leading mail order marijuana distributor. In order to purchase Grapefruit Shatter, just tell us how much you would like sent to you keeping in mind we sell Shatter in one gram packages for $100.00 + Shipping.  Tell us how many packages you want in the online order form. Then be sure to email your Interac e-Transfer to and include the password for the transfer otherwise your order will not get processed at all.

Made from Grapefruit Sativa weed, this Grapefruit THC weed wax (also called shatter) has a very light honey colour as shown in the product shots on this page.  But don’t let the light colour fool you. It is heavy in effects.

It’s parent weed stock is famous for its strong Sativa brain buzz and now with the shatter being over 80% pure THC, the Sativa effects will be stronger than you may have ever experienced.  A little dab of this particular shatter will have you inventing, creating, writing, and talking your friends’ ears off. So be sure to have a plan of attack – some project you can put all this new found enthusiasm into or else you will drive someone crazy with all your energy. is here to provide you with only the best of the best weed available period. All of our Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains are carefully selected and grown from some of the most experienced growers BC has to offer. All of our THC Extracts like Shatter, and Hash are made professionally using only the best equipment. Don’t go looking for your cannabis on the street or shady websites, we are here to help. If you are looking for cheap lower quality weed products, you will have to use one of my competitors. After purchasing expect your premium marijuana at your door in 1-2 business days. Buy Shatter online now for the easiest way to get the best quality weed and THC extracts delivered to your door.

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Grapefruit Shatter
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